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Text Box: Peace in Islam

Written by Omar Ayash 

In the name of Āllah. 
Qurān, Chapter 8 Verse 60-61:
وأعدّوا لهم ما استطعتم من قوة ومن رباط الخيل ترهبون به عدوّ الله وعدوّكم وآخرين من دونهم لاتعلمونهم الله يعلمهم وماتنفقوا من شيء في سبيل الله يوفّ اليكم وأنتم لاتظلمون * وإن جنحوا للسلم فأجنح لها وتوكل على الله إنه هو السميع العليم
     This is a message from Āllah to all Muslims since the start of Islam till the end of this world. Āllah is asking Muslims to be strong and brave. He asks them to possess all kinds of power and weapons in order to frighten those who are thinking of attacking Islam and to be ready for any kind of invasions from them. Thus they will be able to defend themselves from both known and unknown enemies, only Āllah knows who they are. All Muslims should be sure that whatever they donate for the sick, for helping Islam, and for telling others about Āllah will be rewarded by Him in a way better than what they did.
     If we want to understand the meaning of war in Islam, we have to understand first the meanings of the verses in which Āllah mentioned about war.
Chapter 8 Verse 65:
يا أيها النبي حرّض المؤمنين على القتال إن يكن منكم عشرون صابرون يغلبوا مائتين وإن يكن منكم مائة يغلبوا ألفا من الذين كفروا بأنهم قوم لايفقهون
     The word حرّض has two meanings. One is helping someone to be away from death, and the other means encouraging someone to do something. In this verse, Āllah is asking and ordering the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to make Muslims away from death, which can be done only by making the Islamic society strong. The enemies of Islam will not think of fighting against them if they know that Muslims are strong and brave with all kinds of technology and strength to win any wars they are involved in. Also, Āllah is telling Muslims that if they have a real belief in Him and really fight for Him without being scared or afraid of death, He will support them and guarantee that twenty of them will win two hundred and one hundred of them will win one thousand of those who disbelieve in Him. The disbelievers who want to fight against the real believers are surly not doing the correct things because no one with a sense will accept to fight against Āllah.
Chapter 22 Verse 39:
أذن للذين يقاتلون بأنهم ظلموا وإن الله على نصرهم لقدير الذين أخرجوا من ديارهم بغير حق إلا أن يقولوا ربنا الله ولولا دفع الله الناس بعضهم ببعض لهدمت صوامع وبيع وصلوات ومساجد يذكر فيها اسم الله كثيرا ولينصرن الله من ينصره إن الله لقوي عزيز 
     This is the permission from Āllah to those Muslims suffered from injustice, attacked by disbelievers, or kicked out from their lands only because they became Muslims and believed in Him. Āllah is surly able to bring the victory to them.    
     Āllah is explaining in this verse that the world is made up with different powerful societies for people to respect each other, no matter in synagogues, monasteries, churches, or mosques. Otherwise, if there is only one strong society existing in the world, it surely will destroy others different from them. This is the reason why Āllah is ordering us to be strong and to be able to show our abilities in protecting ourselves and our societies, and in fighting for our belief.    
     We can see from these verses that Āllah never asks Muslims to be strong to attack or kill others. He orders Muslims to be strong and brave only to possess the technologies of fighting and war to be able to defend themselves against any attacks. Meanwhile, they can discourage those considering attacking Muslim countries an easy job and get respect and fear from others.
     Āllah announced that there are four months in a year during which it is not allowed to fight or attack anyone unless the other party starts first. This is to give a chance to both parties to think of peace and of reaching an agreement. When we study the rules of Āllah, we can find that He didnít create us to make life difficult or to cause sufferings. He created us and gave us the clear manual of this life, Qurān, to live in a perfect way and to win the paradise at the end.
     We all should know and accept that this life is only the beginning and that the real life is the one after death. Once we leave this world, we will not be able to ask for coming back, as we will see in real that Āllah does exist, so do paradise and hell. We will witness that there is a judgment day and the sole judge is the Creator, who knows everything and will bring justice to everyone.
     What will we lose if we become Muslims? We will win the satisfaction in this life and gain the paradise later. If there is no Āllah, no eternal life, no paradise or hell, we will still lose nothing because we can be happy in being away from bad and evil things, and be satisfied with the feelings that Āllah is with, around and supporting us. We still can feel safe when we know that no one can hurt us if Āllah is with us.
     This is the way the real Muslims think. So do you think that such way of thinking will allow anyone to be involved in ending the life of someone without a clear permission from Āllah?   
     Hope these few words will give better ideas about Muslims and wars in Islam, if there is something called war in Islam!

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