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Cloud Callout: Text Box: 婚姻 Marriage
Rounded Rectangle: Q1: Is it a must for an Islamic marriage to be effective with an Imam and two witnesses?   
      Can a marriage only registered in the government be accepted by Islam?
       伊斯蘭婚姻一定要有教長與兩個證人才算合法嗎? 只有官方登記算不算? 
Fatwa 教義問答
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Rounded Rectangle: Q2: Is a marriage that did not go through Islamic procedure haram? Can the children of this 
       marriage get legacy according to Islamic law?
        沒有透過伊斯蘭公證程序的婚姻,是否婚姻就為不合法? 那麼生下來的小孩,可以依照伊斯蘭的