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Conducted in English with Chinese Consecutive Interpreting.†

Islamic Lectures 伊 斯 蘭 講 座
Rounded Rectangle: Learning Arabic Thru Qurān 
從《古 蘭 經》學 阿 語
OmarHanan 歐馬哈南


The Relation Between Quran and Arabic Language


The Approaches of Reading, Understanding, and Memorizing Quran


The Opening Chapter of Quran (al-Fatihah)

2 255

Chapter 2 Verse 255: Ayat al-Kursi


Chapter 99: al-Zalzalah  


Chapter 103: al-Nasr 


Chapter 104: al-Humazah

最後三章: 112, 113, 114

Chapter 112, 113, 114: al-Ikhlas, al-Falaq, al-Nas