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Islam in Hong Kong

Written by Omar Ayash 

This article is different from the previous ones, yet the Islamic spirit conveyed is the same. Out of personal observations and practical experiences, this article is written for non-Muslims not to be deceived by the Islamic society in Hong Kong and for Muslims to see seriously into its falsity.

     Islam is the religion Āllah mentioned in all His holly books as the final and only accepted religion, no matter what our nations, races, languages, and colors are.
Qurān Verse 133, Chapter 2:
You [all who read Qurān] were not present when Jacob asked his sons while he was dying, “What will you worship after I die?” They said, “We will worship the same God you and your ancestors Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac were worshipping. We are all Muslims and all submit to the same God.” 
     Islam is not only a religion but also a method of life for the mankind since the period of our father Adam till the end of this world.
Qurān Verse 104, Chapter 3:
You [Muslims] will be the group among the mankind spreading the good things and inviting others to do the same. Those who instruct everyone everywhere to do right things and forbid bad things are the real prosperous.
     If any normal human being studies Islam according to its reality, feels it like the prophets and their companions did, learns it and practices it in the right way, he will definitely love to become a real Muslim.
     If you want to obtain the real meaning of humanity, you should become a real Muslim.
     If you want to win both lives, this short life and the eternal one after death, your only choice is to become a real Muslim.
     If you want to get the satisfaction and relaxation in this life and be sure that you will never suffer after you pass away, all you have to do is become a real Muslim.
Qurān Verse 9, Chapter 17:
This Qurān is leading you [all creatures] to the best result in this life, and it presages those believers who follow the rules of Āllah that they will get the greatest reward in this life and in the hereafter.   
Qurān Verse 90, Chapter 16: 
Āllah commands justice and fairness. He asks us to remain moderate and generous when irritated by unintentional mistakes, to give charity, and to help relatives and people around. He forbids fornication, indecency, evil, injustice, and rebellion. He is advising and reminding you [all his creatures], so you may remember and do the right things to win the paradise before it is too late.  
     After the introduction, as a non-Muslim, you may ask, “What is the meaning of ‘real Muslim’? How can I become a real Muslim?” If you are a Muslim in Hong Kong, you may ask yourself, “Am I a real Muslim?”
     This article is different because it is going to compare Muslims in Hong Kong with real Islam.
     As human beings, we can say that no one is perfect and this is true as long as we are talking about the perfection in this short life. But what else do we need when we are sure that Āllah is satisfied with us and our deeds? This is the real perfection! So if we read the history about the prophet Muhammad and his companions, we will find that they were perfect in so many things. They were perfect in daily life, dealing with each other, helping each other, understanding each other, supporting each other, feeling each other, loving each other, and trying to share their concepts, messages, feelings, relaxation, and happiness with those who didn’t know about Islam yet. The most important thing is that all of them had the same aim— sharing the paradise in the hereafter with their people and with those who will join them or may join them later.
     How far are we, as Muslims, from them? 
     What have we done to each other as Muslims?
     What are we doing to non-Muslims regarding this issue?
     Allow me to answer these questions on behalf of Muslims in Hong Kong after more than two years’ living with them, talking to them, meeting them, sharing ideas with them, and of course being hurt by them the most.
     How could we Muslims expect others to respect Islam when we Muslims put our first and main aim on money?
     How could we Muslims expect any good reputation about Islam when we are very good at hurting each other, showing the darkness of our hearts to people around us especially when it is money issue?
     What do we expect from non-Muslims towards us when they can see easily the social weakness in our Muslim society?
     How far are we, as Muslims, from the teachings in Verses 64-69, Chapter 25, in which Āllah says:
The real worshipers of Āllah are those who are moderate and never argue with ignorant people but only greet them well then leave them. They spend a part of their nights in praying and worshiping Āllah. They are always afraid of the punishment from Āllah in the hereafter because they understand that no matter how good things they are doing, those things will never be equal to what He is giving to them. Thus they ask Āllah to make them away from the punishment, as it is not a nice result nor an accepted eternal life for them to live. They spend their money in an accepted way, neither too much nor too less. They never worship anything but Āllah and never allow themselves to kill others without a just reason and the permission from Āllah. They never commit fornication, which will surly result in a strong and double punishment.  
     How can we, as Muslims, explain these to non-Muslims who are living with us, dealing with us, watching us every day while seeing, watching and even being involved with a lot of improper manners from Muslims?
     When a Muslim female, regardless of Āllah’s rules, accepts to commit fornication and unwed pregnancy, and to share this experience with others without regret, how can she justify herself as a real Muslim?
     When a Muslim spends his daily life lying, backbiting, and tale bearing, how can he convey the real meaning of Islam to others? And the prophet Muhammad said that the punishment of lying, backbiting, and tale bearing will first be executed in the grave then another done in the hereafter.
     When the leaders (Imams) in Islam are arrogant, sloppy, considering themselves higher and looking down on others, always showing their favors to their students and waiting for their respect and obedience, while refusing any comment or discussion, how could we expect non-Muslims to be interested in asking about Islam?
     When those in charge of the Islamic associations, which have billions of funds, care only about keeping and increasing the amount than spending the savings for practical use such as Dawa (spreading Islam) and charity, simply because they don’t want to lose the money during their service terms yet not realizing this donation-keeping is a real loss, how can we expect any improvement to be done in the Islamic society?
     When one of the Imams, who are supposed to be good examples of Muslims, failed in fulfilling his promises only because he promised something he was so sure that he couldn’t do, and then pretended nothing ever happened, how could we tell non-Muslims that one of the basics in Islam is being honest and fulfilling promises?
     When one of the most active Muslims in the Islamic society, working day and night to support Islam and to show the shining face of Islam to others, doesn’t have the confidence to stop his employees from harassing Islam within the Islamic unit under his administration, what do you expect from other Muslims to defend for Islam?
     When one of the most famous Imams in Hong Kong is boasting about his great efforts of helping Muslims and supporting Islam in front of the foreign Imams who visit Hong Kong to know more about this society, how can we keep silent knowing he only supports his pockets and needs, collecting money from his tribune and claiming himself the savior of the people from the hell?
     When the leaders and Imams accept to waive some rules of Islam for satisfying the government or the big people in the society, is the so called Islam we are learning and practicing still from Āllah?
     When our female Muslims wear proper dresses and veils only in front of the Imams, remove them once they are out of the mosque or away from the Imams, and even swim with fancy swimming suits exposing their bodies in public, don’t you think they care more about the opinions of the Imams than the real judge, Āllah, who is watching us all the time?
     When we support the strong, whether it is righteous or not, and attack the weak, whether it is righteous or not, we shouldn’t expect any good reputation or reward from others because Āllah will never support the unjust, and He will put the hatred in the hearts of others toward them.
     When we see a wrong thing, do nothing but accept it, and say we can’t do anything before making efforts to change it, for sure Āllah will destroy us and create another race who will strive to correct the wrong and fight for justice no matter how much it will cost them, as they know this short life is only a test on which the judgment of the eternal life is based.
     When we see non-Muslims or hypocrites, either around us or in the mosque, trying to damage Islam in words or actions and we just stand looking at them without even saying a word, for sure Āllah will handle it in His own way first against us then against those who are attacking His religion.
     When we Muslims always isolate ourselves from others, neither cooperate with other religions and societies, nor try to share our ideas and way of living with them, how those non-Muslims around us will know more about Islam?
     After all of these, we still say we are Muslims and will get the benefits as well as the paradise from Āllah, while our attitudes and behaviors might have from time to time dissuaded a lot of non-Muslims from converting to Islam after they deal with us, talk to us, live with us, and know more about us.
     As a matter of fact, this is a message to all non-Muslims: don’t be cheated by those Muslims around you because they are not real Muslims, and Islam is nothing from what you see on them.
     If you really want to know Islam in the right way, and if you are really interested in knowing the reality of Islam, please read the histories of Islam and of the prophet Muhammad, and then compare that Islam with what you see these days from those who claim themselves Muslims.
     And this is also a message to those who consider themselves Muslims in Hong Kong: what you have from Islam is the name only, and you will never learn the real Islam as long as you keep closing your eyes and hearts without the intention to know the differences between your Islam and the real Islam.
Qurān Verses 36-40, Chapter 42:
All you’ve got in this life can only be used in this short life. The real giving is what Āllah keeps for the hereafter, and it is better and forever. But it is only for those believers who always depend on Āllah and accept everything from Him with satisfaction.
Those believers always keep a distance from big sins and indecencies, and also they practice forgiveness even when they are angry. They totally obey Āllah, keep up with prayers, consult each other before making decisions, and spend out whatever given by Āllah in helping others and in donating to those who need help.
They also defend when they are oppressed.
The recompense of an evil is the punishment of its same level. But those who can dissolve personal grudges and reconcile the conflict will take the reward from Āllah in this life and in the hereafter. Āllah never loves or supports the unjust.    
     Open your hearts and minds to learn, and open your eyes to see where you are from Islam.
     Think of death, and try to check where you will be in the hereafter.
     Compare what Āllah has been giving to you until you die with what you have been doing to Him since you were born till now.
     Finally, remember that we all will die and none of us will take any of his belongings with him except his deeds. Everyone will be asked in the hereafter about each single act he did and each single penny he got and spent, with the result either in the paradise or in the hell forever.  
Āllah says in Verse 111, Chapter 9:
Āllah exchanges His paradise with the believers for their money, souls, kids, and families. They fight, suffer, bear and accept all for the sake of His religion and rules, defending their belief whether killing or being killed. This is a promise from Āllah in all of His holly books including Torah, and Bible, and no one will fulfill his promises same as Allah does. It is surly the best deal we may get, and surly we are the biggest winners if we accept this deal.
     No one is perfect, but this is not an excuse for us to accept obvious mistakes while ignoring Āllah’s rules and staying unchanged. The spirit of Islam will never be shown in some crowded activities or appealing advertisements when Muslims are seen in daily life no better or even worse than non-Muslims no matter in proper manners or self-cultivation. 
Hope this article will reach hearts before reaching minds, and hope it will show every Muslim in Hong Kong his responsibilities towards Islam and himself to be away from the punishment in the hereafter.

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