Text Box: Injustice

Written by Omar Ayash 
How did it start? Why does it remain? What are the results? How to beware of it?

      Human beings were created pure and peaceful believers. Souls were as white as snow, as transparent as water, and as clear as daylight; but souls are also ready to be changed as fast as the wind, and our mission is to keep them as they are.
     Āllah (God) created us, gave us the unique tool that other creatures never had ―the human brain. He created everything for us, made it under our commands, made good and evil clear enough for us to recognize, and then gave us all the rights to use our brains for choosing the ways to follow.
     We all know that one day we will leave this world; we all believe that no one can live forever in this life.
     Some of us know that there will be a Judgment Day and that there will be a just Judge who is afraid of no one, more powerful than anyone, and having His own ways of investigation and punishment. Of those who have no such belief, I would like to ask: What may happen if I were a person who had power, authority, money, relations, and strength, but no heart, no belief, no mercy, and no fear of any punishment? Who will bring the justice to those thousands I might have hurt in all of my life? Who will cure the grudge in the hearts of those who have suffered and been hurt by me? For sure, there must be a Judgment.
     Life is a transient accident, and both good and evil creatures can make use of it; eternal hereafter is the truth, and it has the justice where God raises the true and annuls the false.
     If we serve our life, it will use us; if we use our life, it will serve us.
     Our story of injustice starts from this point: the moment we consider our down life an aim, the moment we start to lose our humanity.
     If we think that this short life is everything we have, we will forget what Āllah (God), our Creator, said in His Holy Book (Qurān), Chapter 17, Verse 70, “We honored human beings,” which gives us the responsibility of this generosity not to lose it for some earthly and mean things.
     Those things which changed us from worshipers of Āllah (God) into worshipers of either our down life or Satan will lead us to injustice, causing the anger of Āllah (God) and the bad result in the Judgment Day after death. 
     We all must understand that this life is only a station for the real life and that death is the proof of this fact.
     We must believe that Satan is our real enemy who wants us to join him in the hell.
     We must realize that Āllah (God) created us for us to gain not for Him to win. He needs nothing from us, but we need Him in everything.
     We must learn how to become closer to Āllah (God), which will give us the real meaning and great feeling of worshiping Him, which is the way leading us to His paradise.
     No one can promise us to live forever, no one can promise us good health in all of our down lives, and no one can tell us when we will leave this world. But if we listen to what Āllah (God) says, do what He is asking us to do, and be away from what He is asking us to be away from, He promises us perfect eternal life after death as well as peaceful life in this down one at least in our hearts.

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