Text Box: Chapter 99    The Final Earthquake (Ālzzalzah)
In the name of Āllah, whose grace covers everything and everyone in this life for always, the One who is sending His mercy on Judgment Day to His believers.
1. One day the earth will have its final earthquake. 2. On that day, it will discharge all (the remains of all creatures) that is buried under. 3. At that time, humans will ask what happened. 4. On that day, the earth will narrate [as a witness] all that have happened over it. 5. For the earth has got the order from its Lord. 6. On that day, humans with different levels will be standing and looking around in chaos, waiting for their deeds to be displayed. 7. So whoever does a small atom of good (deeds and words) will get a good result of it. 8. And whoever does a small atom of bad (deeds and words) will get a bad result of it. 
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