Text Box: Chapter 2    The Cow (Ālbaqarh) 
In the name of Āllah, whose grace covers everything and everyone in this life for always, the One who is sending His mercy on Judgment Day to His believers.
 1. (This chapter in Qurān is started with three Arabic letters chosen by Āllah, where the meaning unknown now will be clear to us when we are in paradise.) 2. This is the Book from Āllah with no doubt contained in it.  It is the guidance for the pious 3. who believe in preordination and fate, follow His command of prayers, make donations with the belief that all they have is from Āllah,  4. and believe in the inspirations coming to you [Muhammad the prophet] from Āllah, including the mentioned prophets and Books, with assuredness of the existence of the eternal hereafter, the paradise, and the hell. 5. They are under the right guidance from Āllah, successful in both this life and the eternal hereafter. 6. For those who totally disbelieve, whether or not you warn them about this religion and the eternal hereafter, they will never believe. (Only Āllah knows who belong to this group.) 7. Because of this disbelief, Āllah caused blindness upon their hearts, deafness to their ears, and mist in their eyes. They will undergo the strongest torture from Āllah in the eternal hereafter. 8. Some claimed that they believe in Āllah and the judgment day, but they are not as what they said. 9. They think they could deceive Āllah and the believers around them; in fact, they are deceiving no one but themselves, yet they would never feel this way. 10. They have the disease of envy and hostility in their hearts. As they disbelieved and would never change, Āllah aggravated this disease. And they will undergo hard tortures for the lies they made. 11. If they were asked to stop the destructive behaviors everywhere, they would claim themselves as peace-makers. 12. They are the destroyers, indeed. They don’t realize that they are in fact destroying their eternal hereafter. 13. If they were asked to have the same belief as others did, they would reply that they were not so foolish as to do that.  They are the foolish, indeed, while they don’t know; as the arrogant would never admit their mistakes. 14. When they met the believers, they told them that they had the same belief as they did. However, during the time when they were alone, they were accompanied by the evil and saying that they only made a mock of them.  15. In fact, they were mocked by Āllah, sinking under their own tyranny. 16. Since those disbelievers had reached the highest level of disbelief, they accepted to sell the guidance in quest of going astray. Thus their deal failed, and they became misguided. 17. Those disbelievers are the same as the blind sitting in a lighted place. Whether there is light or not makes no difference to them, as they are totally blind. 18. They are totally deaf, dumb, and blind, not knowing how to find the light. 19. The hypocrites see the belief as clearly as they see the thunder and lightning in the rain. But they thrust the fingers in their ears, thinking they would not bother to hear it then. Nevertheless, Āllah keeps forcing them to receive, and they are all surrounded by Him. 20. When the lightning comes, it is so clear and strong that no one can help but follow the light. Whenever it starts, they try to walk forwards; when it stops, they immediately freeze. If Āllah wills, they would never see a sign or hear a sound; He is completely able to do anything. 21. Āllah is asking everyone to worship Him, the One who created them and those before them. This worship will lead them to become real believers. 22. This Creator is the One who arranges the land a suitable place for us to live in, the sky a fair cover to protect us, and the rain from the sky to give us sustenance on the earth. You know that no one is equal to Him, so don’t value others as you value Him. 23. If you are doubtful that Qurān is from Āllah and think that you can do the same, try to make just one chapter similar in Arabic eloquence and rhetoric. Then ask witnesses who disbelieve in Āllah to judge whether its level can reach that in Qurān. 24. As you can’t and will never be able to make even one chapter at the same level, this Qurān is really from Āllah. If you disbelieve in Āllah, you and the idols you worship will be in the hell prepared only for disbelievers. 25. Āllah is asking the prophet Muhammad to presage those who believe and obey Him that they will have paradises with gushing springs. In these paradises, they will have fruits similar to what they have with different tastes and scents. When they see them, they will say that they had similar ones. But when they give it a bite, they will discover that they are completely different. They will also have pure partners without any inconvenience being together and have eternal life in these paradises forever. 26. Āllah has no problem taking His creatures such as a mosquito or even smaller things as an example. The believers know that Āllah is the Creator and that Qurān is from Him, whereas the disbelievers question Āllah for taking such a small thing as an example. This example leads a lot of people to believe in Āllah and a lot of others to disbelieve in Him. Those who disbelieve are devoid of wisdom. 27. They refuse to believe in Āllah and to obey Him. Moreover, they try to stop the believers from doing things Āllah asks them to do and to cause corruptions on the earth. They are the real losers! 28. How can you disbelieve in Āllah while knowing that He gave you life when you were lifeless, that He will bring death to you one day, and that He will bring you to life again on the judgment day, as you are destined to return to Him after all of these! 29. He has created everything on the earth for serving you, and then He created seven heavens; He knows everything about both parts. 30. Āllah is telling the prophet Muhammad the story of the creation of human beings. The story begins when Āllah tells angels that He is going to create a new creature on the earth. This creature is human beings, and they will have their successors according to Āllah’s will. When angels are informed of this news, they ask Āllah the reason why to create such kind of creature who will spoil the earth and do crimes on it, while angels are worshiping Him, appreciating His deeds, and satisfying Him. They wonder whether it is because they are not worshiping Him enough. Āllah answers, “I know what you don’t know.” 31. After Āllah created Adam, He teaches him the required knowledge for a human being to live on the earth. Then He asks angels, “Tell Me the names of the creatures on the earth if what you said was true [that human beings will spoil the earth and angels are better than them].” 32. They are unable to answer the questions but could only reply, “Glory to You! We could only know the things You have taught us. Wise as You are, the only One who knows everything.” 33. So Āllah asks Adam to tell angels the names he has been taught. When they are informed of the names, He tells them, “Did I not tell you I know all the unseen on the earth and in the heaven as well as what you have revealed and hidden!” 34. After this, Āllah asks angels [along with other creatures] to bow to Adam, so angels do [as they don’t have freewill], except Satan [who has freewill as a jinn], whose arrogance makes him refuse and become a disbeliever. 35. Then Āllah says, “Adam, you and your wife shall live in this paradise and enjoy all kinds of food here as you like. But never touch this tree lest you both be in an unjust state.” 36. Since then, Satan keeps seducing them to break the rules till he succeeds making them out of this easy life. Because of this, Āllah commands them [Adam, his wife and Satan], “You all descend to the earth and be enemies to each other [mankind and Satan], and use the earth as a living place till the predestined time.” 37. Later, Adam receives some words from his Lord, Āllah, to teach him how to ask for forgiveness. So he recites and obtains the forgiveness, as Āllah is the One who accepts repentance, and He is the merciful…...255. Āllah is indeed the only real God. There is no beginning or end of His existence. He is self-subsisting and everlasting. Neither doze nor sleep is able to reach Him. He owns all that in the skies and on the earth. No one can seek intercession from Him except with His permission. He has possessed the knowledge of the past, the present and the future of all creatures since long time before their existence. Yet none of His creatures have any of His knowledge except what He allows them to know. [Āllah is unimaginably huge, so even] the lower part of His throne is incredibly bigger than the skies and the earth. It is effortless for Him to take care of the skies and the earth and all that in between. He is indeed the highest and the greatest. 

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