Text Box: Chapter 104    The Prodder (Ālhumazat) 
In the name of Āllah, whose grace covers everything and everyone in this life for always, the One who is sending His mercy on Judgment Day to His believers.
1. Wayl is a valley in hell for one who hurts others by backbiting, gossiping, and criticizing. 2. This prodder is spending all his life collecting money. 3. He thinks that this money will keep him away from death. 4. No! For sure he will be thrown into hell. 5. And do you (Muhammad) know what part of hell it is? 6. It is the hellfire set up by Āllah very long time ago. 7. It is so strong that it reaches their hearts, yet they remain alive. 8. This hell is firmly locked up 9. with gates behind gates; there is no way to go out. 
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