Text Box: Chapter 100    The Running Horses (Āl‚ādiyaāt) 
In the name of Āllah, whose grace covers everything and everyone in this life for always, the One who is sending His mercy on Judgment Day to His believers.
1. Āllah is swearing by the horses (war vehicles) which are running so fast with loud breathing sound. (The thing sworn by Āllah shall be big, for He only swears by big thing to remind us how important that thing is.) 2. The fast speed is making their horseshoes spark while touching the stones. 3. The horses are ridden for attack in early morning, 4. raising clouds of dusts. 5. These strong speedy steeds are taking their riders to the middle of the battlefield. 6. Āllah is swearing by these steeds to tell us that indeed mankind is ungrateful to his Lord, 7. that indeed mankind knows this fact, 8. that indeed mankind adores wealth too much. 9. Doesnít he know that one day he will be resurrected? 10. All that in his mind, intention, and heart behind his deeds will be displayed clearly in front of everyone. 11. Indeed, their Lord knows everything about them.
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